Teacups in The Snow by James C. MacIntosh
Weighs .98lbs
    Jack Adams was a man with a dream; to hike theAppalachian Trail fromGeorgia to Maine.
    Beset with a month long delay in starting out, Jack soon found himself trailing seriously behind schedule, a delay which would mean finishing late in the fall; in the cold, northern reaches of Maine.
    With perhaps, only two or three days remaining until he completed the hike, a strange and bizarre turn of events brings Jack's dream to a screeching halt, plunging him into a situation where he would find himself fighting for his life, along with the life of a complete stanger.
    Waylaid on the trail by a deranged giant of a man and feeling the hopelessness and frustratation of captivity, Jack was not aware that Kate McGuire, his fiancee, along with his dad, Frank, had hired a tough Maine guide to try and locate him. The plot is thickened by a grisly discovery and the grim realization that some truths in life are hard to bear.
    Enter Sheriff Wilfred Bowen, a folksy southwestern transplant, whose slow drawl belies the fact that this is one very smart lawman, intent on rooting out the truth. His reliance on his 'gut feelins' inevitably lead him to solve the mystery of what happened to Jack, along with another case, although not to the satisfaction of everyone involved.
Since the publication of his first novel, The Graveyard Game, in 2005, Jim has been steadily building a readership in the New England area. His second novel, Teacups in the Snow, followed one year later. Both books were well received. Teacups in the Snow received an Honorable Mention in 2006 in a national writing contest, "The Next Great Book Competition." Jim had been a freelance writer for 15 years, before publishing his first novel in 2005. He resides in a historic Massachusetts town with his wife. They have three grown children and four grandchildren.

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