The Graveyard Game by James C. MacIntosh
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    Life is good for Paul McCulloch, middle-aged electrician, until he begins to experience a recurring nightmare in which he finds himself standing in a rustic, old cemetery, confronted by a faceless, hooded figure
    Unable to explain the reason for his dreams, Paul turns to an old boyhood friend, who, along with Paul's wife Mary Ellen, offers some revealing information; the cemetery in Paul's dreams had been the scene of a brutal murder many years before.
    In his search for an answer to the terrifying nightmares, Paul discovers the startling fact that four young boys once played a strange game in the old graveyard; a game of daring, designed to test one's courage For one boy, the game turned deadly.
    Who was the hooded figure and why did he point his finger at Paul in each dream episode?
    Could there be a connection to Paul's dreams and the brazen abduction of a local woman in broad daylight?
    Obsessed with finding the answers to these troubling questions, Paul heeds an inner voice and is drawn to the old graveyard one sultry, summer evening, where the nightmare starts to play out, with one big difference; the scenario in which he becomes embroiled, is not a dream and the people there are real.

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