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Phone  508-867-6858   -  Toll Free 877-622-7555  
Open Year 'Round 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day  and the Fourth of July.

Let us bake your holiday pies. Call to place your order and pick up your pies
on Saturdays until Christmas. Choose Apple or Pumpkin.

Please call toll free for 2014 prices on all of our items.


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Call us to order fresh-baked Holiday Pies.

Call 877-622-7555 to order by phone. 

These items and many more are available in our retail store.
We also ship them as gifts.  When you call, be sure to ask for more gift ideas.

NOTE: Orders placed today will be processed and shipped promptly starting October 15th unless being shipped to California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah. Those orders will be shipped November 1st.
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 Shipping charges are added to your total order.

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6 hand-selected Apples
or Four apples with cheese
or Four apples with Jelly

18 hand-selected Apples

18 with cheese
18 Apples plus Cheddar

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16 Apples plus Jelly Jar

We ship gift packages of apples and boxed preserves anywhere in the contiguous United States from October 15th to January 1st.  
Or you can e-mail for our brochure. Gift Baskets are available for purchase at our store. We do not ship our gift baskets.



Our Parking Is Free - Our Admission Is Free - Visit Our Snack Bar in Season

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